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Please Stop By And Say Hello.

If you are local to Disneyland Resort, Please come by and say hello and introduce yourself.
My children and I trade at the Westward Ho Tables. We love meeting people who share our love for pin trading,
and who knows, maybe we will each have something the other person needs.
Look forward to meeting you and be sure to mention DizPins.
I'm the Bald Guy in the middle of my Japanese friends in my profile pic.

How I Started Pin Trading

My children and I are collectors of the elongated coins from the various machines the park offers. I always told my friends who visit the park that it's the best deal for a souvenir because for fifty-one cents, you can have a crushed penny that for the most part will last forever. Not too many things you can buy at Disneyland for less than a dollar.

We are always on the lookout for new coins being offered to add to our collection and like DizPins, there are sites dedicated to the hobby and letting you know when a new machine has been added. Over the many years at the park, we have always seen the cast members wearing their lanyards with pins and occasionally saw people doing transactions with them.

Since we never really knew what they were doing, at the time it was not really a thing of interest, until one day we saw a child get very excited with a cast member. We asked her why she was so excited and she said she got a pin she had been looking for that was hard to find. She explained to us how the lanyards work and why the cast members wear them.

This was the start of our family becoming pin collectors. We bought a few of the starter sets with small pins for trading and did our first trades in the park. My children were having the time of their lives. For the next 2 years, were would trade with cast members and also see park guest at these tables in the park with their books and lots of pins. We did not know they were there to trade with people like us.

At first we collected anything that we liked but of course with 1000's of pins, that can be very costly and overwhelming. We started to collect certain things and concentrated on those categories. My son collects Star Wars and Vinylmation and My Daughter collects Dalmatian's and Stitch. This is when we realized that the guest at the tables were where we needed to start looking.

One day while trading with a guest, my son sat his pin bag down while doing a transaction and another guest was looking at his pins and asked him if he would trade a certain pin. He looked at me like, "what do I do?". I told him ask them to see what they have to trade. They asked what he liked and of course he mentioned Star Wars and they happened to have a pin he needed. When the transaction was done, he looked at me with starry eyes and said "Dad! were pin traders now."

Prior to that, we had never put our stuff out for others to see but that was the start of a wonderful thing. Now we trade at the park on almost every Sunday and My children look forward to having a table with their pin bags out. It is a family affair and my children love the interaction with other park guest. (So do I)

Pin trading has been a great experience and something we as a family look forward to doing together. We have met a lot of fantastic people. The best part is seeing the smiles on my children's faces when they trade with other guest and how excited they get when they find a pin they need and it goes into the KEEPER book.

For the record, I like to collect ride and attraction pins.

Happy collecting to all and maybe we will see you at the DLR tables.


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    Have a great weekend

  2. 03/09/10

    Kudos for the Traders Vs. Keepers in your book thread.
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    Good Morning, Dan! You're so funny! :-) I don't collect the pins, myself. Just love Disney.
    Last night on the Family Channel they aired the original Snow White & The & Dwarfs. I
    forgot how much I truly enjoy the enchantment!  I'm a hairdresser by trade, & love to travel.
    Yes, I've heard of Hicksville... We travel to Amish country during the fall season...It's simply
    gorgeous that time of year. Take care and keep in touch.

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    YW for the Kudos...I'm just a Friendly type of person, Dan!
    You live in a very beautiful part of the US...Visited there years ago.
    Have a great weekend!


    Reply from iamdisneydan:

    Thats cool.  Thank you very much.  Yeah, this is a nice place.  We have lousy Sunny and 72 degree weather almost every  I have been to many parts of Ohio.  One of our biggest Distributors is actually in Hicksville.  Do you know where that is?  Its crazy to be on the country road and see the amish in their horse and buggy.

    So what do you collect? (of course besides anything Johnny
    I look just like Johnny, except I am Bald, shorter, different color eyebrows, bigger nose, but besides that......

    Well, let me know what kind of pins you are looking for and maybe we can do a trade.
    I collect Rides and Attractions & Movie Posters.
    My Kids collect Dalmatians & Star Wars.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    Best Regards,

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    Thanks for the Friends Add!  Nice to meet you, Dan! :-)